How do I Join?

Anyone wishing to join the Club must first visit the Club, preferably on a Wednesday evening. Otherwise on a Friday or Monday evening. Between 7:30pm and 9:00pm on any of these nights.

It should be noted that if you are not a current F.A.C. (Fire Arms Certificate) holder or a member of another gun club, then you are not allowed to handle guns or ammunition on your first visit.

On your first visit:

Novice probationary members must shoot on a Wednesday evening until adjudged competent. They can then also shoot on Mondays or Fridays provided they do not disturb competition shooters.

The probationary period is 6 months. After which the club’s Management Committee will decide based upon references, police feedback and instructor comments if you can become a full member of the Club.

New members who are members of, or have just left, another gun club ( proof of current or past membership is required ) can join without the 6-month probationary period, subject to a satisfactory reference from the other club and a second independent referee.

In addition to the above various permissions may be required by the Club. They are covered in the following documents:


If a visitor can produce a current FAC or proof of current membership of another rifle club, then he or she can shoot as a visitor.

Under current legislation members of the public cannot shoot as visitors. Consequently we are unable to operate a day membership scheme.


The Club’s fees to members consist of:

  • A one off joining fee covering the 6 months a new joiner is a probationary member.
  • An annual membership subscription, payable by full members.
  • Session fees payable each time a member shoots consisting of:
    • A range fee
    • A rifle fee for those members who use the Club’s guns.
Annual Fees Category 2016-2017 (£)
All fees cover small-bore and air


Adult 45.00
Junior 22.50


Adult 90.00
Junior / student 45.00
 Full-bore only  45.00
  Non-shooting RCO free
Non-shooting social free
Honorary life – shooting free
Honorary life – non shooting free


Rifle fee

Adult £1 per session
Junior / student free
Range fee Adult £3 per session
Junior / student £1 per session
Junior Season Ticket £45 per year
Visitors £5 per session

Ammunition and Targets


If the purchaser has a current FAC then it is good practice to have your ammunition purchases entered on your certificate, even if you use the ammunition within the club or leave it on the club premises. This proves to the authorities your need to have the facility to hold ammunition on your FAC. You must ensure that the amount entered on your FAC is not less than that actually held at home or in transit.

If the purchaser does not hold a current FAC then any ammunition purchased must not be removed from the Club premises. Instead the ammunition box must be labelled with the purchaser’s name and date of purchase and lodged with the range officer before leaving the Club. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to dismissal from the Club and could result in prosecution by the Police. Any conviction of this type will almost certainly prevent you from gaining an FAC at a later date.

All ammunition sold for safe keeping on this range is sold on the understanding that it is used within a period of three months. Any ammunition unused after that period may be disposed of to the best advantage of the Club.

Hunting or high velocity ammunition is prohibited on the Club’s range.

.22 Ammunition

The Club currently holds stocks of the following .22 ammunition, which can be purchased from the Club:

Description Price per box of 50 rounds
Eley Sport £4-40
Eley Club £5-40
RWS Special Match £7-20
Eley Match n/a

7.62 Ammunition

The Club currently holds stocks of the following 7.62 ammunition, which can be purchased from the Club:

Description Price per round
HPS Target Master 72 pence
RGS Green Spot 66 pence


The Club currently holds stocks of .177 pellets in tins of 1,000 pellets which can be purchased for £5 per tin.


The Club currently holds stocks of the following targets, which can be purchased from the Club:

Calibre Target Price per Target
.22 25 yard NSRA BM/89 10 pence
.22 50 metre 35 pence
.22 100 yards 50 pence
Air 20 yard LSR PL14/06 10 pence
Air 25 yard Cadet & Schools 10- pence

All 20 yard or 25 yard cards are provided free of charge when shot on the Club’s range. If any cards are required for use on other ranges then the charges above apply.

Applying for a Fire Arms Certificate

If you wish to purchase a fire arm then you will have to apply to your local police authority for a Fire Arms Certificate. Applications can only be made by full members, not by probationary members.

For Sussex residents an application form can be downloaded from

For Hampshire residents an application form can be downloaded from

Note the application process will require you to obtain a reference from one of the Club’s officers. Please ensure that you talk to them before making the application.

Relations or Friends of Members

Unless a relation or friend of a member holds a current FAC or they have a membership of another rifle club, then they cannot shoot at Wellington Road. To enable them to shoot they must join as a probationary member under terms as set out in ‘How do I Join’.