The Club re-opened on Thursday 15th April for existing members only. A booking system is in operation and members must book in before attending the club.

Using NSRA and Government guidance the Club has performed a detailed Covid 19 Range Risk Assessment . Based upon this assessment the Club has introduced a COVID-19 layout to protect both shooters and range officers. See the Gallery for some pictures of this.

Please note that before their first shooting session, every shooter is required to sign the CRPC One Time Covid 19 Waiver Form. The shooter only needs to sign this form once. It will endure until the end of the current restrictions.

People who are “clinically and/or extremely vulnerable”

People who are classed as “clinically and/or extremely vulnerable” and are shielding are strongly advised to stay at home. However, whilst many people may still chose not to attend the Club, it is up to the individual to decide whether to stay at home or not. If member of this group wish to start to engage in shooting again it is possible, provided that it is in alignment with the current government guidelines.

People Who Must Not Attend or Shoot

People in the following situations must not attend or shoot:

  • Those who have Covid-19 symptoms or those who have someone in their household or bubble with Covid-19 symptoms. They must also report this to the Club Secretary.
  • Those self-isolating under ‘Test and Trace’.

Things the Club will Not be Doing

There will be:

  • No provision of refreshments – tea/coffee biscuits etc.
  • No spectators or social members will be allowed into the Club.
  • No guardians/parents (unless they happen to be a member) will be allowed into the Club – therefore no under 14’s.
  • The Club will not be accepting any new joiner trainees.
  • No coaching or tuition.
  • No provision of shooting jackets.
  • No social groupings.
  • No cleaning of personal equipment. This must be done at home.

The Club will close if:

  • Local or national restrictions on indoor leisure facilities requiring closure come into effect.
  • If the Committee feel that there is an uncontrollable risk from continuing to shoot.