General Information


Membership of the club is open to all, though you must be at least 12 years old before you can apply to join. For further details see Become a Member

The following paragraphs are taken from the Club’s Constitution . Which should be read in conjunction with the  Club’s Byelaws .

Section 2
The Club’s objects are to encourage and facilitate the development of and participation in the sport of
target shooting.

Section 5.1
Membership of the Club shall be open to all persons irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs; or of age, sex or disability except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of Target Shooting as a particular sport, subject to the probationary requirements laid down by the sport’s governing body.

Shooting Insurance

Small-bore shooting is covered by the NSRA Club Insurance Scheme.

Full-bore shooting is covered by the NRA Insurance Scheme.

Safety & Security

Health and Safety

The Club’s Health and Safety policy is, to promote the health and safety of all those who use the Club, including contractors, through the encouragement of all users and contractors to engage in the establishment and maintenance of safe shooting and working practices via:

  • preventing accidents and work-related ill health through the provision of adequate control of health and safety risks arising from activities within the Club.
  • maintaining safe and healthy conditions, equipment and systems of work for all users.
  • implementing emergency procedures – evacuation in the case of fire or other significant incident.
  • providing such training and information as is necessary to all who attend the Club for whatever reason.

The Health and Safety practices of the Club are set out in the following documents:

The Club’s Management Committee has overall responsibility for health and safety at the Range.

The Committee member carrying out the role of Safety Adviser is delegated by the Management Committee to have day to day responsibility for the implementation of the Health & Safety policy and practices.

The following Committee roles have responsibility for specific items:

Item Person Responsible
Fire precautions and checks Safety Adviser
Information to contractors Secretary
Information to hirers Secretary
Insurance Treasurer
Maintenance of First Aid box Safety Adviser
Reporting of accidents Secretary
Risk Assessment and inspections Safety Adviser

Range Security

The Range is protected 365/24/7 against both fire and intruders. This is achieved using sensors on all entrances plus a variety of internal sensors within the building. The sensors are linked via multiple communication channels to a central monitoring facility who will summon the relevant emergency service of needed.

Management Committee

CRC Management Committee

The Club’s Management Committee consists of the following members:

Ed Kent Chairman + Electrical maintenance
Roger Burton Secretary
John Peart Treasurer + Web master
Dave Bishop
vacancy Full-bore Captain
Barrie Gardiner Membership Secretary
Gary Hawker Estate Maintenance
Richard Ellams Facilities Management
Jeremy Paine Safety & Security Adviser
Steve Sadler Small-bore Captain
Bill Williamson Building Maintenance
Peter Leggett Publicity

The Club has two trustees.

Richard Ellams
Chris Wade President

The Management Committee meets on the first Monday of the month (except for August) at 7:30pm.

Members of the Management Committee can be contact via or by phoning the Club.

RCOs & Instructors


Whenever small-bore shooting takes place on the club’s Wellington Road range a Range Conducting Officer (RCO) has to be present to oversee and supervise the shooting.

All RCOs have received training in accordance with the NSRA Range Conducting Officer Course and are registered with the NSRA as RCOs.

The club has in excess of twenty RCOs who are on a rota and scheduled to be in attendance on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. It is the responsibility of any shooters who use the range outside of these hours to ensure that an RCO is present.


The Club has a number of NSRA qualified small-bore instructors. One or more will be in attendance on Wednesday evenings to assist new joiners.